Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday's featured member is Lee!!

Welcome to RQQ, today we feature a member who has been with us for a long time, Lee.
She has been through it all, and she is always generous with helping for any charity work we do, ALWAYS THERE. She is a very active member, I think she is on the group at least once every day. She has much talent too, go check out what she has to offer. I asked Lee a couple questions and here is what she said...

At what age did you become interested in crafting?

My Mamal tried to teach me to crochet when I was about 10, never did get very good since I couldn't keep the gauge consist ant. Then I learned to sew in home-ec in 7th grade. Plus I watched my Mamal quilt since I was knee high.

How long have you been doing your craft?

I have been quilting since 1992 and rag quilting for over 2 years now.

What different crafts do you do ?

Besides the rag quilts and occasional traditional quilt I really like making rag totes, table runners and other home decor items. I also like working with beads and I make what I call kitchen chimes from metal kitchen utensils.

Who inspired you to get into it?

My Mamal inspires my quilting. She passed away in 1986 and I had several quilt tops she had done. I decided to quilt one of them in 1992 and got inspired to create my own.

Any goals in the next 5 years?

Hopefully the online sites will have really taken off by then and I can afford to hire someone to do some of the cutting and clipping for me.

What is the best project you created and why?

I am very proud of the first full sized quilt that I made about 5 years ago, it was my wedding present to my husband and I actually finished it by our wedding. Before that the largest quilt I had made was a twin size. I am also very proud of my Dallas Cowboy's items.

What do you do when your not crafting?

I am a NASCAR FANatic and have been since I was a little girl so most weekends are spent watching the Truck race, Nationwide and all the prerace shows leading up to and including the Cup race. Of course I am usually in front of the sewing machine or clipping while watching. We also like to go to the local dirt tracks. An occasional trip to the Casinos is always very relaxing for me.

Anything else you want to share?

I am Mom to three wonderful children and I am Nana to seven wonderful grand babies. It is truly amazing to see their parents in them and remember when they were that age. I am thankful that I found RQQ or more accurately they found me. THe friendships formed here help get me thru the days. Just knowing that someone is there just a few clicks away is comforting. It does not matter if it is a quilting emergency or a health or family one, someone will be there to console you, raise your spirits or just be silly with. Thank you quilting sisters for being there.

here are some of her crafts.

Take a moment to browse her auctions, and see all of them, it will be worth your time.


  1. Lee's a proud member of the RQQ Texas Delegation and we love her a lot!! Great quilter and a boat load of fun!!! Can't think of a better woman to feature on our blog.

  2. Congrats Lee on your feature this week. We love you!

  3. Congratulations, Lee. What a wonderful member to spotlight. Lee always has something so interesting going on - she keeps us on our toes.