Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our recent Charity work for "Make a Wish" foundation

Thank you for stopping by Rag Queen Quilters blog, Sunday has been a special blogging day for us for awhile as we have been working on a special project. Some of you who have been following this know these quilts were made for a couple different charities that helped a fellow RQQ member who has a young daughter with cancer. This has been blogged as it progressed, and they are all done now so please look at all the members who donated and you can look at past Sunday blogs for more info.
Two ebay groups were involved in this huge project, Rag Queen Quilters and Quilters Corner group, you can search for these members with the two groups call letters,
Some members are part of both groups, the call letters are the first letters in the groups name. RQQ and QCG ..
Ok...The Make a wish quilts are finished! They will start today on eBay We will let you all know the info as soon as we get it. Here are the measurements and contributors to these quilts...

Here are the measurements of each one:
Large-Leukemia & Lymphoma Society rag quilt 78 1/2"(L) x 48 1/2"(W)
Large-Make-A-Wish Foundation rag quilt 78 1/2"(L) x 48 1/2"(W)
Make-A-Wish ribbon tag rag quilt 21" x 21" (not including the ribbon tags)
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society cuddle rag quilt 41"(L) x 35"(W)

Here is the complete list of contributors to this quilt from both groups with their Ebay id:

April~friday-frog (QCG)
Nikki~englishlady1 (QCG & RQQ)
Marylee~love2ragquilt (QCG & RQQ)
Suzanne~romebeauty85 (QCG & RQQ)
Theresa~ashlawnfarms (QCG & RQQ)
Susan~elderiii (QCG & RQQ)
Barbara~grandma*barbara (QCG & RQQ)
Lee~quilts-by-lee (QCG & RQQ)
Judy~sewmeow (QCG & RQQ)
Lisa~lisacb2005 (QCG & RQQ)
Kerstin~aurorabora0022 (QCG)
Shannon~fabrics.n.quilts (QCG)
Teri~ragamuffinquilts (QCG)
Lynn~sewinggrandmalynn (QCG)
Gayle~mintx828 (QCG)
Cathy~madebycathy (RQQ)
Laura~lmyeaney (RQQ)
Denise~dstandfield123 (RQQ)
Marilyn~genealogybuff0 (RQQ)
Joey~sewstrangebnp (RQQ)
Cindy~sewingbycindy (RQQ)

Here are the pictures of the quilts, please tell your friends and family about them, as the proceeds will go to charity. Please comment on the blog and tell us you were here. Thank you.


  1. Thanks for blogging this Cathy! Great wrap up of this wonderful project!

  2. From the girls at Quilter's Corner Group (QCG), I would like to say that Lisa did a very wonderful job completing this huge project!

    From inception, discussing the charities with the family of the former RQQ member, calling out for donations, figuring layout, designing the quilts, appliquing all the bears, and now creating listing and handling the donations, she has done the lion's share of the work & deserves our warmest and heartfelt thanks for her generosity of time and most importantly, love.

    It was a pleasure to partner with RQQ in making Lisa's idea become reality in such a huge way!

    Lisa will be listing the quilt & you can check out all her listings by clicking here:

  3. I ditto the comments already posted. Lisa has done an outstanding job on this project from inception to completion. She deserves a medal for this great achievement!!

  4. Thanks Lisa from all of me the "warm fuzzies" to know we all helped with these two charities! You are a great leader and I LOVE YOU!

  5. Ditto! Lovely creations ... wonderful projects.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Interesting idea, keep up the good work.