Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Raggy pick of the day

Hello, and welcome to RQQ's blog, today were going to show you a link of where you can make your dog a raggy bandana...there are easy to follow photos and instructions and you can fancy them up with all kinds of fabrics if you want. Check out this link

Then you can even make the strips on the bandana wider so you can add one of these dog cut outs offerd by an RQQ member.

Or this one....

Or you can put one of these two on it...or on your shirt when you walking him, or add it to a quilt your making for a dog lover.

Or if you love dogs, but don't want to mess with a dog bandana you can make this pre-cut rag quilt that is available right now.

Again all you do is search for RQQ and you will find all these items that I have shown you photos of. Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. Cute bandana project!! I think I know a dog who just might like one.

  2. Good, we want to see photos when you done.