Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What about Wednesday?

Today I am declaring it "Hug a child day".

Give every child you come in contact with today a hug. If it is not your own child or grandchild ask for permission to give the child a hug. You will be amazed at the response you will get. And you never know, that child may not have been hugged at all today.

I had my four year old granddaughter yesterday and she is a hugger. She kept climbing in my lap and giving me hugs and kisses. It did wonders for me. It made me think, if a four year olds hugs can make me feel that good how good did it make her feel to be hugged. She is by no means neglected or has no one to hug her. She even hugs her big sister and brother and they hug her back.

How many children went without a hug yesterday? How many will go without one today? Sometimes it is just an over site, sometimes there is just no one to give them a hug. To many children are left out, abused or ignored. Parents get overwhelmed with work, finances and personal problems. They may not forget to hug them on purpose. Then there are the children in abusive homes that need the hugs even more.

So today take the time to hug a child. And be sure to come back here to share your stories.

Now where are those grandchildren of mine......

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  1. very good idea, I hugged two of mine today, I will hug the others soon!!