Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday's raggy pick of the day

I saw this today and just had to show you, its a rag quilt with butterfly sparkle fabric, I have a thing for sparkles. Check this out

To find this rag quilt search RQQ and you will find it...Tederlovincreations made this.

You know Mothers Day is just around the corner, my Mom passed away not too long ago, and she loved Johnny Mathis, thus the music you hear today, but there are other Moms in our lives that we can daughter will be a new mommy soon, I am a Mom of four girls, and of course there are Aunts and cousins that are Moms, yesterday was hug a child day, and I say hug a Mom today, or Mom like person. My Mom liked humming birds as well, so I added humming bird photos to my daily photo section!! Don't forget to tell that special someone ( a Mom),how wonderful they are...even if their not Your Mom


  1. Cathy - thank you so much for featuring my "Spring Sparkles" Rag Baby Quilt! I too have a thing for anything sparkly :-)

    I wish I could give you a big hug today! I'll be able to hgu my mom next week, I am so excited that she is coming to visit next week.

    Thanks again! Stephanie

  2. That is cool. Pretty colors.

  3. Lovely Rag quilt in pink. This will for sure make a wonderful Mothers Day quilt.

  4. Love the quilt Stephanie.

    Cathy, I lost my Mom a year ago in Feb. and some days it is harder than others. She loved spring time and all the beautiful flowers. Hummingbirds where her favorite also. To the ones that still have your Mom's give them a call today and let them know how much you love them if you can't give them a hug.