Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's Raggy pick of the day

Hello RQQ blog readers, today I bring you a cheerful rag quilt of pinks and greens. This says summer all over it, look at the little flowers, and how the pink and green bring out the brightness of it.

This rag quilt is adorable, and you should take a moment and look around eBay at all the rag quilts, especially the ones with RQQ in the title, We have a 4 Charity auctions going as well, they are in honor of a little girl who is a real trooper and fighting cancer. Scroll through the blog, you will see the many posts about them. Tell your friends about it too.

Thank you as always for stopping by RQQ and we love to read your comments, Have a wonderful weekend. Oh and don't forget to do a little shopping on eBay, just put the RQQ as the keyword, you will love what comes up. This is one of them, go look at all the details and check out her Rag Quilt.

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