Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to Moms on the other side

This is a special dedication for Mothers who are no longer here with us but not forgotten. My mom passed in February two years ago, and my Grandma passed before I was born. So here is yours and a couple more RQQ Ladies Moms who are no longer with us ....

Here is what Susan said about the photo of her mom:

This is a photo of me and my Mom, Marjorie, taken in December 2004, a little over a year before she died in April, 2006.

My Mom was the most loving, caring, generous, and devoted Mom ever and not a day goes by that I don't have wonderful thoughts of her.

This is what Barbara said:

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my mom. I guess that's 'cause I don't really remember back quite that far.

And hey, those of you who get to hug your Moms today, could you hug them a little longer just for us, so our Moms can feel it? Also when you hand your Mom that lovely token of appreciation, or that heartfelt card, when she looks into your eyes and says Thank You, can you look into your Moms eyes a little longer when you say Welcome that our Moms can hear it too?

Thanks and Hope you like it Moms on the other side!!


  1. I am so blessed that my mom is still with us. Her mother is still with us also. I did lose my Mamal in 1986 and it is because of her that I love quilting. Each item I make has a little of her in it too.

  2. I will be seeing my Mother today for her special day. I called her earlier in the week to see if she was going to be home and she is like: "Why?" I said, "Uh it is Mother's Day, and uh YOU are the Golden Girl!!" She laughed and said, "More like Golden Oldie!"

    My own tribute today is my Grandmothers that I dearly miss. I often think about each one of them....God Bless everyone today who is thinking of their Mom in Heaven.

  3. Cathy you did a beautiful Tribute!

  4. Thank you Tricia and everyone else.