Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Raggy pick of the day

Thanks for stopping by, today I picked the patriotic theme, and here is some rag quilt table runner, and some red, white and blue fabric stars you can add to any project

all you have to do to find these items is search RQQ and they will pop up for you.

There are at least 4 that I saw on right now for you to choose from. Here is another one I saw...

There are several different ones, and wouldn't they make you table festive for the 4th ? or you could hang it on the wall as a decoration too.

Then we have stars you can use any way you want, and you the price is right too

So go ahead and search eBay for the RQQ member goodies, you never know what you will find!!


  1. All your Red, White and Blue raggedy table runners are gorgeous. And I love the stars and the background music goes perfect with the quilts