Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tedyy Bear Charity Rag Quilt Update

Hello! Hello! I am excited to give you all the update on the teddy bear charity quilt project that 2 wonderful groups' of quilters have all contributed too!

Again...all the projects created out of these teddy squares will have all proceeds donated to charities that have helped one of our RRQ sister's young daughter whom was diagnosed and is undergoing treatment for cancer. I am awaiting a few more of the 9 1/2" squares so I can start on those 2 quilts this week. Yes I said 2 quilts! I received so many from all these lovely women that I can make 2 bigger quilts for 2 different charities. However you will also see the creations I have already started from the 8 1/2" squares I received from members. I also added to these squares with my own and any extra loose squares I received from all the ladies. So in the end...we will have a total of 4 auctions with all proceeds going to charities! Yipppeeeee! That is sooo exciting to know we can help others in ways so simple as creating beautiful handmade items!

Here is a picture of the squares I received this week along with the squares I am contributing to the bigger quilts...

Here you will see the smaller cuddle rag quilt that just needs clipped and washed. This was made out of the 8 1/2" teddy squares. This one has a back of neutral colors.

This is little rag quilt is going to be a baby ribbon tag blankie. Just needs ribbons added, clipped and washed! Also, has a back made up of neutral colors.

Be sure to stop by frequently as we have wonderful blogs everyday! Next Sunday I will have the latest update, pictures and details about the auctions for these! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!


  1. WOWEEEE these are precious!!! Everyone keep your eyes on the blog, she will announce when these go to auction, and we hope everyone will help by telling their friends, and family all about these auctions and the great charities it is going to. Keep and eye out!!!!

  2. Everything is looking great! Looking forward to more progress Lisa. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful thing!