Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's featured seller is ~~~ Susan~

Thank you for stopping by our blog today, our featured seller is non other than our own SUSAN! She has been with our group for a long time, and has been active in all our past charity work, and is now one of the group Moderators.

Susan would be best described as your best friend, one you can talk to when life seems to throw you a curve ball. She is always there!

Oh, and can this woman put out the rag quilts? It seems that every time you look at her sales, she is getting the attention. Here is one of her latest creations that sold at a good price!!

Here is another photo of it, look at all the yummy pinks!!!

She has some current listings that are just as pretty, you should go check them out, do you have a little one that likes bright colors and a fluffy blanket? She has a couple listed right now that could be yours for the taking.
Here is one for the little girl in your life.

Then if you have a little boy who needs to have a wonderful little quilt to snuggle in, she covered that as well, see the photo below.

You can find Susans quilts just by doing a search on eBay for RQQ rag quilt.

I guarantee you will not be dissapointed in her quilts, she definatly knows what she is doing.

Oh and the music was specially picked for our Susan, because the Suzie Q stands for Suzie Queen ....she is one of the Queens of Rag Quilts!!! Enjoy your special day Susan, we all love ya!

I asked Susan a few questions and here are her answers!!

At what age did you become interested in crafting? As a little girl in Girl Scouts.

How long have you been doing your craft? I have been quilting for about 6 years and rag quilting for 3.

What different crafts do you do ? I also knit. I used to be an avid knitter until I got hooked on rag quilts.

Who inspired you to get into it? My grandmother taught me to knit when I was in the fourth grade. She also spent a lot of time with crochet, various needle craft projects and sewing.

Any goals in the next 5 years? Keep doing what I am doing.

What is the best project you created and why? One of my first totally handsewn quilts was a Cathedral Window which I did for my granddaughter before she was born. It was really beautiful and meaningful.

What do you do when your not crafting? We raise quarter horses bred for cutting competition.

Anything else you want to share? Rag Queen Quilters is a great group of women, and the blog is wonderful. I hope everyone enjoys it and gains something from it.


  1. Yeah! Susan! You deserve the spotlight. Your work is beautiful, and you are a great friend! Perfect songs, too! Susan has often made ebay's Pulse page for her quilts!!

  2. Susan makes the cutest rag quilts, so, if you don't like mine, go buy hers!! lol She's a great addition to our group and a great contributor. Good pick for the spotlight!

  3. Congrats Susan. Could not have picked a more deserving person. She is very creative and above all a kind, caring, generous person.

  4. Congrats Susan! Her work is truly admirable and she is a great gal. We are very lucky to have her in our group!!

  5. Congratulations Susan! I admire you and your work.

  6. Way to go Susan!!! You deserve you are a very caring,sweet woman!
    Also, must produce some of the most beautiful raggies!!! I love them!