Monday, March 30, 2009

Mondays are Color days, today its ~~~ PINK~~~~

Welcome to our Monday color day, the first choice for this Monday is Pink! Please take a moment and look at our past Charity quilt all done in Pink. I also added a few of our members current auctions that were in the pink category!!! Please enjoy! Also take a moment to scroll a little further down and read all about a special quilt we are working on for a little girl who has leukemia! I have added some music that touches my heart and some of RQQ members as well, we hope you enjoy your reading, photos, and music! Thank you for stopping by the Rag Queen Quilters blog!!!



  1. What a great job on all those charity projects. You have a lovely block and I will be back again!

  2. Thank you Millie, we appreciate that!!

  3. Congrats on getting your RQQ trademark!
    You have a really nice blog and the wording on your header says it all...
    My visits will be a regular encounter from now on...
    best wishes

  4. Thanks Gina...we are glad to have you as a regular!! And appreciate your comments!