Monday, March 30, 2009

Go Green Tuesday

Welcome to Rag Queen Quilters’ Go Green Tuesday. Every Tuesday, hopefully, I will be talking about how we as crafters can contribute to the greening of America by recycling and reusing common items. Remember that quilting started out as the ultimate recycling project with women using bits of old clothes or other items to make quilts to keep their families warm.

Today I wanted to look at a particular item that many quilters recycle into useable “works of art” like rag quilts and totes. That item is denim jeans. Mostly crafters use the denim fabric, but out there are examples of inspired uses for the pockets, buttons and even the zippers. Some quilters use old jeans from the closet or buy them from thrift shops. Online you can find vendors selling old jeans and, most helpfully, already cut squares of recycled denim. Recycled denim creations are varied and suit most every taste.

Recently RQQ™ member prekteacher had a beautiful Blue Jean Denim and Red Bandana Rag Quilt listed on eBay. The auction is already over, but it’s a beautiful example of recycling or “upcycling” old denim jeans into a useful item.

Another RQQ™ member, Imyeaney, has created a great rag quilt tote bag pairing recycled denim with a great Harley Davidson fabric.

And for the ultimate in recycling, RQQ™ member quilts-by-lee has turned the entire bib top of a pair of overalls into a nifty tote bag. Another cute little tote is made with two jeans pockets. Talk about one of a kind items!

Today, most of us quilters get our fabrics from the local shops or online instead of reusing old dresses and such. Maybe we should start looking around our closets for the inspiration for our next quilt!


  1. Love the music! Thanks! Great blog! Will definitely follow along.

  2. Of course you know I agree with that whole heartedly. And by the way the small tote of mine you have pictured is made from the back pockets of an old pair of jeans.

    I am trying to use as much of an old pair of jeans that I can. Try using up those odd ball shaped left over pieces for strip quilting, use the pockets in totes or on quilts. Now if someone can just come up with something to use the zipper and fly part in.

  3. Very nice work.
    I have 'recycled' old denin jeans into foundation for rugs and small carpets at the farm.
    I like your idea for a quilt. Great visual.

  4. Awesome blog post Barbara! Very informational! Thanks :)