Monday, May 4, 2009

Customer appreciation sale this week

Welcome to our blog today, we are having our C.A.S.Customer appreciation sale for 7 days. Sunday through Sunday. Alot of items started at .99 cents, some have free shipping, some even have both. We used to have these once a month on the second Sunday of every month...we will probable do it agian, if all goes well. You can search for RQQ cas or just do a search for RQQ and look for the astericks, we have several people who use either or to bring attention to their sale items. Starting next month we will have alot more members involved and you can get some pretty good deals on alot of is one you can get a good deal on all the time its sewstrangebnp and she sell warm and white for rag quilts...

She has several of these listed different sizes and different amounts...there are some other that are offering white flannel for sale too...check it out, its as easy as searching for three letters RQQ will bring up all our members goodies

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