Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What about Wednesday

What about a child today, tomorrow, forever?

Yesterday morning I got caught up on some reading...something I should have read last week. Time gets away from me when my creative side takes over. But time for abused children never stands still. It should not be put on the back burner. The time is NOW and a very URGENT NOW.

Our group of Rag Queen Quilters girls- I am so very proud of them! They are so giving and kind. Many members have responded to this situation for these 2 children who are now safe and sound.

This blog gives information about the 2 kiddos I am referring to:

My heart aches for those who are suffering these same situations. Why? Why are they victims? I do not understand. Only God knows.

Our group is not only helping out these children, but also helping a dear friend/member our group whose daughter has been treated for leukemia over the last year. Another Why?

My thoughts leave me here asking you, the reader: (Whatever day it is you are reading this) reach out and help a child in need today. We have the abilities to do GOOD things, so don't do what I did all week long and procrastinate. The time is NOW and EVERY DAY!!


  1. Good point! I think we all see something everyday that we could possibly help out with, but just don't get around to it. When you help someone who is less fortunate it is good for you, too. Thanks for a great reminder!

  2. Wonderful post Theresa!!! Very well said! And yes I am proud to belong to this wonderful group of women that make up RQQ! A big group of huge loving hearts that reach out to as many as we can in need in one way or another. God Bless everyone in need...especially our children and elderly.

  3. Theresa, you said it all, and its amazing how quickly everyone helps when its needed. You have to be proud of that for sure.