Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What About Wednesday????

Ya know, we are going to go a bit off the rag quilting topic today: This is the second Wednesday this month, and there are 5 Wednesdays altogether. This is the one right before Easter Sunday.

So What About April???

The month of April can be so surprising: It is sunny and beautiful one day then the next day we might get some snow. Flowers start coming up and blooming. Trees start filling out with leaves and buds again. Then it is rainy and overcast and still cold. I would say April really cannot make up its mind!

The birds start singing, mating, and building homes; kids are out playing; sounds of folks out working in the yards keeping up with the new growth. Winter and the feeling of death is finally gone as we start to realize life starts over again. The colors are back!

Easter Egg hunts, planting trees for Arbor Day, and Daffodils.

What about YOUR April.....share what you are enjoying (or not) about April.


  1. For me April is one of those months when you really feel the turning of the wheel of the year. It's like being a teenager - sometimes acting all summery and then reverting to winter again. But summer comes no matter what you do and that's the promise of April.

  2. I love all the Easter colors. The bright pinks and purples on so many of the dresses is so refreshing. I think my favorite thing though are the flowers starting to bloom. That and watching the newly planted seeds sprouting and just knowing what they will become.

  3. April is a wonderful month, as you all stated prior, I too love the blossoms coming in, and of course spring is when alot of baby animals are born, its just a good month for so many reasons!!!

  4. I am enjoying the daffodils blooming, seeing my iris bursting up, and believe it or not, I like to cut the grass! I just went on a quilt retreat and I am feeling new life too!