Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday is color day~~~ Todays color is Yellow

Good morning bloggers,

Welcome to Rag Queen Quilters blog, On Mondays we choose a color to feature and since its nice and sunny outside, well in my part of the world it is, I thought yellow was the perfect color to brighten up your Monday!!! Check out the following members listings that are yellow.


  1. Wonderful site! So many colors to love, beautiful! I haven’t heard Donovan in decades. Mellow Yellow Submarine; just in honor of Monday Mellow Yellow? Takes me sooooo far back...sliding into space in the Mellow Yellow Submarine.

  2. The yellow rag quilt and sunflower quilt look so fresh and happy.

  3. Love this site! Thanks for the work it takes. The music is great, love the yellows.

  4. I am a quilt lover! Those are just soo beautiful :)