Monday, April 20, 2009

Go Green Tuesday, April 21

Hi. Our usual Tuesday blogger has computer issues this week, so I offered to step into her shoes to remind everyone that this week celebrates Arbor Day. We already decided Barbara's feet are much smaller than mine, but you get the idea! Lol.

Friday, April 24, is National Arbor Day.

Arbor day was started by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska in 1872. Morton was one who loved nature, and realized the importance of trees, from windbreaks, to help prevent soil erosion, as well as a source for paper and firewood. He felt there shoud be a day when people should replant trees. He had a contest that first year, with a prize going to the town that correctly planted the most trees that day. The celebration grew the next year, and included school students planting and maintaining trees. You can read more about this on the following website. There is a great history lesson in book format, which is where I got this information. Since then, Arbor day is celebrated by the states, usually on a day when it is the best planting time for the location. Southern states celebrate as early as January, while colder states may choose May. Most presidents have picked the last Friday in April. Where every you may be, it is always a good idea to plant a tree. The site has many ways to celebrate and plant trees. Look, too, at your local home stores. They usually give free seedlings this week. Power companies can be a source for seedlings, too. Have fun, and enjoy your new tree! Help us go green by planting green! This site has many great suggestions, including activities for children.

Morton said "Each generation takes the Earth as trustees." I think that is something that has been forgotten for too long, which is why we need to remember now, and plant a tree.

Most quilters are fiber artists that use other techniques, too. Many of the RQQ™ members also crochet, knit, do other needle crafts, or create jewelry. I found out that my favorite yarn company has recycled cotton as a new fiber available. I want to crochet a scarf with this soft recycled yarn from tee shirt scraps. I also saw some great projects using fabric strips to crochet or knit.

Many are also using soft and silky Bamboo as yarn fibers. Other companies are using bamboo to make fabrics. Why bamboo? Bamboo is a renewable resource. It grows quickly, around 47 inches in a day, and up to 80 feet in less than two months. It has strong fibers that help make the fabric or yarn soft, yet durable. I have seen things made from the yarn, and they are stunning. I have seen manufactured items, as well. Bamboo is naturally "wicking" which means the wearer will stay dryer when the air temperature is high. Bamboo is now being used in many different types of fabrics, and has even been seen blended with cotton for quilt batting. Check out your favorite stores for sheets, towels, tee shirts, flooring, and decorative accessories made from this great renewable source!

47 inches to quilters is more than 1 1/4 yards! Don't you wish your stash grew that quickly and easily? lol. Check out this website's information on bamboo!

I wonder if any of our quilters have tried bamboo? Let us know how you have used this great fiber! Also, tell us if you plant a tree this week!

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  1. I have been seeing more bamboo products. I saw some batting that was on sale at Hancocks and was tempted to get it to try. Heard that there is fabric made from bamboo but haven't seen any yet. Wonder how it raggies?

    Don't forget that Wednesday is EARTH DAY!